Voice Logging

Voice Logging

EAL voice logger application (EVA) brief overview.....

For existing users, it goes without saying: a voice recorder System that obviously has been developed with and for the end user. In 1985 EAL started the development of the first digital recorders and continued this development to this day. Over the years, the development carried voice recording to the high level of today's modern technology, resulting in a system in which the end user has the idea that it is designed by him and specific for his own organization.

Because the EVA software was mainly developed in and for mission critical environments, it was important to create and maintain the handling of the software as intuitive as possible in combination with an extensive variety of authorization capabilities. The availability and importance of a database, based on high integrity and a large number of functionalities, made it clear that most of the software was developed based on specific end-user wishes. This approach prevented an overload of gadgets that will never be used, while maintaining a clear overview and easy access to all useful functionalities that are necessary. One of the strengths of EAL developing their own software and hardware is that we do not develop gadgets because we can, but develop features and functionality that are needed.

The fact that EAL EVA became the standard within the non-forgiving environments of the POS ( public order and safety in the Netherlands) clearly indicates that the extensive functionality, reliability and ease of use, has become proverbial.

Even naming a small portion of the functionality would go beyond the purpose of this part of the website, experience it yourself: Make a request or ask for a demonstration. You will see that we not only deliver the package, but also are the designer and owner of the hardware and software itself.

EAL EVA, much more than a "Nice to have". You will agree on this once you have learned to know this very complete product. We would like to say: See you soon!