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Published on 04-05-2016 by Martin Roberscheuten

In the mid and high-end segment of the world that is called security there is a significant difference between “Access Management” and “Access Control”. The main difference is the level and quality of the security that is desired or demanded. This can be achieved by issuing and enforcing policies in the form of provisions and regulations. By checking not only the badge (Access Management) but also cardholder and therefore including the human factor (Access Control) as part of the system Security Management becomes High –end Security Control.

Being not only a reseller but also the in-house developer of the necessary hard and software of the ATS system, EAL has the principles and experience needed to not only use the Biometric technologies the best way possible, but by incorporating this in the ATS system getting the result of best out of both worlds in one single system. By this integration towards one single system and database, both systems grow to an even higher level for the and-user.

Moderate for a proper operation is namely the integration of databases, among others, thereby decreasing the amount of management needed, while at the same time increasing quality management. Through the intervention of EAL this is possible at fair costs, lead times and effort. Because in addition to the implementation to be able to take care of the delivery as well, the client is offered unburdening. No unnecessary extra work in taking care all vendors talking the same language / technology.

Therefore we are proud to announce That EAL and IRIS ID found each other in a partnership for the Dutch market. As a result of a good investigation of each other’s portfolio and combined market interest, IRIS ID stated to have the full confidence in EAL and that it is in everyone’s best interest to heave EAL in The Netherlands as Value-added-reseller for the complete product range of IRIS ID. Important in this decision was EAL capability for the integration of their products and versatility of the ATS software, like the Multi Tennant support, in combination with the position that EAL is having in the Dutch market

IRIS ID (www.irisid.com) is a worldwide leading player in the area of IRIS ID technology. Not only in terms of technology but also in terms of research & development and service and support, this is a very worthy match for EAL and its clients. As a result therefore their product is through EAL available for the Dutch market.

For those who have already worked together with IRIS ID is the quote from Sir Muhammad Murad supporting the mutual confidence of all parties in the future.




'' We are very excited to be partnering with EAL in the Dutch market. EAL has a strong understanding of access control market, our relationship with EAL will allow us to service the Dutch market with latest solutions. EAL will provide Dutch customers Iris ID products and related services. Iris ID has strong commitment to the Dutch market.”

Muhammed Murad

Vice President Global business developments & Sales

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