EAL commits as an Official Supplier to the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 (…..and beyond)

During the 2019 members” annual meeting of the Dutch Defence and Security Industry Foundation (NIDV), Lieutenant General (RET) and former Commander of the National Armed Forces Mart de Kruif addressed the divers audience regarding the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 presented bij Jaguar Land Rover. Read more »

EAL access control landed at Groningen Airport Eelde!

In addition to other airports and pursuant to a careful selection procedure, Groningen Airport Eelde has also opted for the EAL ATS access control system. Read more »

High-quality technology in trusted hands

As a manufacturer/developer of, among other things, access control systems, EAL Apeldoorn is well acquainted with biometrics. It has been the exclusive importer of Iris-ID iris scanning technology and equipment on behalf of the Defence sector for some time now. Read more »

EAL Access Control in the Caribbean

Since 2014 E.A.L. Apeldoorn is active within the Caribbean. On the islands of Bonaire, Saba and Statia, E.A.L. is now responsible for the access control systems of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland and a number of related organizations. Read more »

Time for Quality

EAL Apeldoorn B.V. has experienced stable growth in the period from 2000 onwards, in which they underwent a transition from a "purely technical company" to a professional organisation. Read more »

EAL implements OSS Standard within ATS access control

EAL extended the existing ATS access control portfolio by introducing next  to the WCAN wireless electronic locks on-line the WCAN wireless electronics locks Off-line and therefore meeting the new Open Security standard (OSS). Read more »

EAL Importer / Reseller Biometric devices IRISID

In the mid and high-end segment of the world that is called security there is a significant difference between “Access Management” and “Access Control”. The main difference is the level and quality of the security that is desired or demanded. This can be achieved by issuing and enforcing policies in the form of provisions and regulations. By checking not only the badge (Access Management) but also cardholder and therefore including the human factor (Access Control) as part of the system Security Management becomes High –end Security Control. Read more »

EAL solutions part of project ST IROCOM on Schiphol Airport

Being preferred supplier of Schiphol Airport and of Schiphol Telematics, due to the development, production and installation of several mission critical system, but also the prestigious and often debated taxi regulation system, EAL was selected again to deliver important sub products as part of the IROCOM project. (integral communication system command room) Read more »

RTL Netherlands chooses EAL ATS access control solution

EAL has been chosen by RTL Netherlands to supply a new access control solution. Key factor in this agreement was HTM (Hollandse Telecommunicatie Mij) from Zevenaar, who is responsible for a solid installation and completion of the system. Read more »

EAL participating at the Congress IFHE

EAL will participate at the 24th edition of the World IFHE. The World Congress International Federation of Hospital Engineering ( IFHE) 2016 will take place at the World Forum in The Hague. Read more »

Two EAL security projects at the beautiful Bonaire

At this very moment in time the finishing touches are done to the construction of the fire station on the island Bonaire. A wonderful future-proof complex equipped with all the up-to-date technical facilities. This station includes both a "airside" as a "land side" which means that it is situated between the airport and the residential area. Read more »

Hogeschool Utrecht chooses Multisite EAL TCS solution

The cooperation Croon Electrotechniek and EAL Apeldoorn was awarded the order to provide the Hogeschool Utrecht with a EAL Access Control system that will be installed over several buildings on the campus and can be managed as one single system. Read more »

Court of Justice Provence Gelderland In The Netherlands chooses EAL ATS System

The successful cooperation between TES Installatietechniek Tilburg and EAL Apeldoorn was rewarded the order from above mentioned Court to install the EAL ATS access control system, based on the governmental badge technology and hardware. The system will be installed over several locations. The combination was favored the order being selected from a large number of contenders.  Read more »