Two EAL security projects at the beautiful Bonaire

Published on 21-10-2015 by Hans van Hooijdonk

At this very moment in time the finishing touches are done to the construction of the fire station on the island Bonaire. A wonderful future-proof complex equipped with all the up-to-date technical facilities. This station includes both a "airside" as a "land side" which means that it is situated between the airport and the residential area.


Just another location where EAL Apeldoorn provides a complete Access Control System ATS. It also offers all interfaces between the EAL Security Management System and other security technical systems supplied by third parties. The SMS system will again be under control of the governmental organization of the National Caribbean The Netherlands. The installation of the system is done by local specialist selected by the main contractor, and supported by EAL.




At the same time the implementation of Access control and Intercom systems started at Flamingo Airport. Our Selected Reseller IBO Bonaire takes care of the delivery and installation.


In the period from 10 to 20 November EAL will provide support on both project based on "hands-on" involvement in the implementation and knowledge transfer. Again it appears that EAL and its ATS and SMS systems seems to know no boundaries.




airport bonaire



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