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The multifunctional Rijkspas

The Rijkspas is a smart card used by government institutions. The Rijkspas is multifunctional. This can be used to provide access to government buildings, is also a form of identification card for civil servants and is an authentication card. The Rijkspas gives civil servants access to the computer network of the various government services. The Rijkspas can be used by various groups, such as civil servants, but also external employees or visitors. The card has the same security features as Dutch identity documents and is, therefore, a very important identification method for those who work for the national government. For this, government institutions must of course have a balanced administration and resources to use the Rijkspas efficiently and safely.

Rijkspas access control to government institutions

An important function of the Rijkspas is to provide access to government institutions. A government institution is visited by both government officials and visitors. Civil servants must of course be given access because they work here. Visitors may only be present in the visitor areas. This requires a comprehensive access system, which must prevent unwanted visitors from entering inaccessible areas. EAL can help with various forms of Rijkspas access control. This concerns both hardware and software. Consider, for example, hardware card readers at the entrance of certain rooms, possibly supplemented by entering a pin code. We also supply the underlying software, so that a well-organized administration is kept.

Rijkspas security control with EAL help

If you as a government institution are looking for a good and watertight Rijkspas security check, EAL will be happy to help you. We have almost 50 years of experience in security management and are also familiar with security control for government institutions. We keep our own hands-on in both the development and production of hardware and software. This makes our systems more efficient, cheaper and we can offer tailor-made systems. After all, it is not important to use what is possible, but what the customer's wishes are.