EAL Apeldoorn B.V. has experienced stable growth in the period from 2000 onwards, in which they underwent a transition from a "purely technical company" to a professional organisation. More than ever before, it is important to, alongside the offering of the right products, also offer an fitting organisation and the associated services.

This is the reason why, from 2015 onwards, EAL has put an organisation-specific theme on the agenda every year, in addition to all technical themes. This has led to a variety of qualitative measures and improvements that have been implemented in recent years and, naturally, we will continue to improve.

Below you will find some of the most important measures that have been implemented.

Membership Federatie Veilig Nederland (Netherlands Safety Association, formerly Vebon-NOVB)

federatieveilignederland logo


Since 2014, EAL has been a member of the trade association Federatie Veilig Nederland. This trade association defines standards for training, certification, CSR, etc., and does so specifically within the security sector.

The trade association consists of various parts (sections) with EAL being a member of the "Electronic Access Control" section, with Jean-Paul Vos (Commercial Director EAL) being the chairman of this section.

ISO 9001


 In 2017, the ISO 9001 method was successfully implemented throughout the entire EAL organisation. Sales, service, projects, administration, testing and R&D departments are managed in accordance with this qualitative organisational standard.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


Even before the term existed, EAL was involved in everything that was related to Corporate Social Responsibility. For example, our own organisational policy has always resulted in opting for the production of materials by subcontractors in the Netherlands, subject to the associated laws and regulations.

In order to objectively measure this policy, EAL implemented the CSR policy in accordance with the trade association Federatie Veilig Nederland in 2018. This certificate can be found on the website of the Federatie Veilig Nederland.

SCRUMM-based development

XIN Agile Scrum 1

In order to be able to develop in a flexible and controlled way, EAL started with the implementation and training of SCRUMM-based development in 2018. Based on clear agreements, short term/medium-long term/long term developments are planned and, based on development sprints, implemented, recorded and tested.

Software releases are planned, developed, tested and released in a manner many times better than before.

ESCROW and continuity of measures

EAL escrow

 Of course, EAL is a stable and healthy organisation and (thanks to in-house R&D development for both hardware and software) the full owner of all (intellectual) rights to the products. However, in order to offer even more security and business continuity to end users, EAL will also be facilitating an Escrow guarantee under the SLA (Service Level Agreement) by 2019.

This entails that the source code of EAL applications will be made available under specific Escrow conditions. By offering this feature, additional continuity measures are thus offered to users of the EAL systems regardless of the situation in which EAL finds itself.

The fact that EAL offers this feature to users by default when concluding an SLA agreement on standard EAL products is unique. There is no need to conclude additional agreements - this is automatically initiated by EAL.

The provision of the Escrow arrangement itself is done in close cooperation with the Escrow Alliance company, based in Haarlem.

 ISO 27001


In 2018, the decision was made to implement ISO 27001 in addition to ISO 9001 as a planned organizational improvement regarding the process-based approach to (IT) security within the EAL organization. It is good to record the existing security measures and agreements and, in doing so, to act in accordance with this ISO 27001 standard. EAL observes implementation period of 2019 - 2020 for this purpose.