EAL Roadmap

EAL Roadmap

A recurring and ongoing discussion item, both internally and externally, is about putting together a roadmap for each product. Often dictated by the (supposed) needs and expectations of the existing customer base in combination with ideas to broaden the customer base and specific needs of those new markets in order to satisfy those needs.

EAL Apeldoorn, in its role as a developer / producer but also in its role as a supplier / partner has a different understanding of the concept Roadmap.

“ EAL does not enter new developments just because we can, but when / if it’s something the customer needs.”

One of the important views towards the roadmap issues will always be based on the result of weighing “Effort versus Reward”. Although producers and the end-users seem to take a look from a different angel, the outcome more often than not ends up to be nearly the same.

Thoughts behind an established Roadmap;

• A Roadmap in Hard and Software for each system is determined on the basis of (supposed) being beneficial for those within the target groups.
• A Roadmap prescribes a compulsory route to be followed and is therefore often inflexible. It can be expected that commercially less interesting target groups will be deemed to get lesser degree of attention in the development but will contribute financial towards developments for those that are expected to be more interesting.
• A Roadmap determines for a great part the availability of development resources. It is can be expected that specific developments for commercially less interesting target groups, in a number of cases will be late or not being developed in timely manner at all.
• A Roadmap can be used to legitimize the shortening of the life cycle of a system, and ultimately lead to a forced purchase a of the new, often expensive software version.

We have a different approach;

EAL Apeldoorn being developer / producer and supplier / partner is owner of all intellectual property rights and therefore in full control of all developments of both software and hardware. One of the basic rules in any development is taking care that they always should be backwards-compatible so that new developments can never lead to phasing out existing systems. Systems developed by EAL Apeldoorn are therefor known for their continuing life. This ensures that the end-user can always be serviced in the best possible way.

Advantages of this vision;

• Valuable development time is used for desired developments
• Integrations are developed faster, so more integrations become available
• Developments at the micro level is always possible
• Software and hardware remain aligned
• The system therefore continues to evolve into an on-going process
• The ratio "Effort versus Reward" for every client remains healthy

“"Do you want to travel by bus under fixed timetables and fixed routes and stops, or take the taxi that comes when you call him and brings you strait to right place?"”

Of course as ever we like to inform you periodically what options have been added in your operating system. But isn’t it much more interesting to let us know what wishes you have being the end-user? We like to stay in touch to understand what you, being that specific end-user, have on the wish list in order to have the system work you. So don’t be a stranger and contact us.

The EAL Management.